“To Make Displays That Get You Results...
Real Results”

Imagine The Torment …

Imagine you have just opened one of Australia’s finest restaurants.

An exquisite dining experience, impeccable service and magnificent décor.

Your investment is colossal and you have gambled everything.

But, potential diners stroll past without engaging,

without experiencing your exquisite cuisine.

The phone is quiet and your anguish builds to gut-wrenching panic.

That same gut wrenching panic
strikes countless exhibitors at tradeshows,
as their event turns into a train wreck.

The train wreck is purely the exhibitor
failing to achieve 3 critical milestones:
1. Arouse interest
2. Encourage engagement
3. Create new business opportunities

With 100% confidence,
all 3 steps are achievable over and over again.

1. Arouse interest
2. Encourage engagement
3. Create new business opportunities

When it is all over,
you must deliver real bankable results.

Ask yourself …

Why do truly capable and gifted businesses
experience catastrophic tradeshows or events?
Yet, many less capable and less gifted businesses
consistently achieve breathtaking results,
and with apparent ease.

Our founder attended his 1st event in October 1980.

40+ years later, Michael has been:

Applying his decades of experience and knowledge,
Michael affirms:

“With surgical precision,
businesses will consistently achieve breathtaking results at events
by applying a celebrated, methodical process which is proven to work.”

We at Ziggy Displays, call that methodology

“The Recipe”.

“The Recipe”

encompasses the entire essence of an event,
including efforts before, during and after the event.

It is also the essence of our business and for Ziggy Displays, goes well beyond merely selling media walls and displays.

Understanding and applying The Recipe
is the pulsing heart of profitable events.

Failure at tradeshows is 100% avoidable...

We Would Like You To Know How.

And if it suits you,
for us to play a small part
in your success.

CALL MICHAEL ON 0434 399 330

It is just a chat,
but you should expect
some good to come of it.

"To Make Displays That Get You Results."

Consider the following letter received from Paul Brady, Managing Director BTAS Conference.

Paul experienced our application of The Recipe and had this to say:

“I wanted to write and thank both yourself, and the entire Ziggy Displays team for the services you provided to our recent BTAS Conference.

As you know, we’ve been working with Ziggy Displays now for a number of years relating to our annual conference. The role you play throughout our overall event planning and project management areas has really set Ziggy Displays apart from traditional vendors.

I can’t reinforce enough how valuable this is, to have a trusted advisor that takes the time to understand our challenges and objectives, and then deliver an outcome that is far superior than we could have managed ourselves. It is priceless, as is the ability to have one partner manage all our requirements in such a complete and high quality manner.

We deal with many organisations from SMB’s through to multinational corporates and it’s very uncommon to find these characteristics in a services partner. What a great approach, and what a great team you have at Ziggy Displays.

Thank you again for your assistance, and we look forward to working with you regarding all future requirements in these areas.”

Paul Brady
Managing Director

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