Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Questions

Yes,but why would you? We don’t charge for delivery and our courier does a lot of work for us, so we do get treated very well.

Using your courier only adds cost to you and unnecessary risk by deviating from standard processes.

All free shipping is done via standard road freight. If urgency is required, urgent freight will be arranged, but that will incur a fee.

If the order is a standard product order, we guarantee it will be ready for shipping from Sydney inside 4 business days, excluding any relevant public holidays we may incur.

Once the order is ready for shipping, delivery to your destination will depend on your location and usually varies between 4 hours and 4 days.

If the order is customised or non-standard, then a delivery expectation will be provided at time of quotation. Even delivery for non-standard projects is provided free of charge via standard road freight.

Immediately notify Ziggy Displays on 0434 399 330

Inform the courier on receipt of goods that you have noticed the damage and take photos.

Send the photos immediately to Ziggy Displays via email: contact us

Absolutely. We will deliver your goods anywhere you like.

If it’s inside Australia, then delivery is free via standard road freight.

If you require delivery elsewhere, such as London, Tokyo or Honolulu, then charges will apply.

Graphic Design Questions

Some clients have their own designers and prefer them to do the work. If this is the case, we shall send your designer the relevant artwork templates and design specifications for them to comply with.

Some clients have no preferred designer and so request Ziggy Displays to do the design work for them.
We are comfortable either way.

If using your own designer, please ensure they are aware of and comply with the artwork specifications sheet. Any mistakes made by your designer may incur serious delays to production. We need to avoid such delays.

Absolutely yes. All Ziggy fabric displays can have replacement graphics printed. This is a basic benefit of our display range and a regular process.

For some rare, very low-cost items, even though it may be possible to reprint graphics, it may be cheaper to organise a completely new display. Our sales team will advise you if this is the case.

This is the most important question for both yourself and Ziggy Displays. It demands seriously close attention.

Correct artwork is the responsibility of the client and only the client, even if we do the artwork.

We try to ensure we identify any anomalies, and we will communicate the anomaly to you if we observe something. But we cannot determine or take responsibility for the artwork being correct or not, because only you know if you are happy with it. We even have situations where clients insist on typos or quirky mistakes.

Ziggy Displays will never process artwork without your permission, so you are always in control.
Before going into production, we will send you an artwork proof for you to review.

It is essential that this artwork proof is taken seriously and thoroughly scrutinised for any concerns including correct colour, spelling, fonts, positioning of elements, dimensions, anything missing, anything that shouldn’t be there and any other potential issue you may think of.

Designers are human, so expect them to make mistakes or misinterpret your instructions.
The art proof is your last opportunity for you to correct any concerns and it is your responsibility to ensure the artwork is 100% satisfactory.

If you are not happy with the proof, please tell us so any issue may be corrected before production.

Once you are happy, send your approval to print your artwork via email to your Ziggy account manager. We require written confirmation to proceed.

Once that permission has been received, the artwork is immediately put into production status. At that stage, we may not be able to rescind the production status as it may be printed within minutes and frequently is.
We want happy clients and perfect results, so please review the proof carefully.

Reprints can be expensive and are at the cost of the client.

Payment Questions

Because all projects are customised prints and useless to anyone else, payment in full is required prior to products shipping.

The payment receipt is our trigger to allow the warehouse to release the displays.

Please ensure prompt payment to prevent delays in shipping.

If the order is a bespoke, non-standard order, 50% deposit is required at time of placing the order with the outstanding balance due prior to shipment. Your Ziggy account manager will inform you of this requirement if applicable.

The best way to pay is via Direct Deposit as it is the cheapest and fastest way to provide the funds. The EFT account details are provided on your invoice.

Alternate methods of payment include Mastercard and Visa, where both cards incur a 1.5% surcharge.

Display Questions

We can nearly guarantee that we’ll have what you need.

Because we have such a vast range of displays and options, we simply can’t put them all on the website. There’s far too many and our range is constantly changing.

Our website only provides a generic overview of some of the more popular displays.

If you don’t see what you need, call us on 0434 399 330 and we’ll let you know what other options we have available.

If the standard range doesn’t have what you want, and if it’s viable, we’ll custom design one to suit you.

In writing this answer, I’m trying hard to imagine a part that we can’t replace; and I can’t think of a single one.

Call us with the relevant information and we’ll organise a replacement.

All warranty issues are catered for in our warranty policy.

Because we source parts and displays from around the world, different suppliers have varying coverage.

We support all our manufacturers’ warranty policies, and in some cases where our level of confidence is exceptionally high, we may extend manufacturer’s warranties at our own risk.

Depending on the display type, there are some physical attributes that may be changed.

For instance, for the ZiggyImpact Series, square cornered displays may be converted to round cornered displays.

But obviously for such a change, the fabric will need to be replaced too, but options do exist for some displays.

Such a change is viable if the graphics already needs to be changed anyway. The cost difference is relatively trivial.

Artwork Specification Sheet