Tips And Tricks


If the bottom section is white and passing foot traffic accidentally kick your display, it will leave a mark. Even though the fabric is machine washable, some marks are hard to remove.

Colour and design can help hide such marks.

Clean images are easier to read, look much more professional and have greater visual impact.

The objective is to make you look competent, expert and knowledgeable.

Great graphics will make you look highly professional and a master in your field.

You don’t need extra displays like flags, pullup banners or posters. They are clutter and will detract from your image.

Design your primary display solution correctly in the first place.

Any funds you expect to spend on flags and pullup banners or posters, don’t.

Use it to buy a better display solution that will enable your event to be significantly more profitable. The better solution will pay for itself with new business opportunities.

Don’t assume they can work it out from your logo or name.

An effective tagline can often fix this item.

Avoid excessive text.

Potential clients only care what your products or services will do for them. What pain will they remove, what money will they save, how better their lives will be etc. These are benefits.

Promoting benefits will pique their interest, draw them in and engage with you.

Once they are engaged, then it’s time to dazzle them with brilliant features and specifications. That’s the technical stuff.

There is a world of superb information on the web about Benefits Versus Features. Look it up and apply what you learn to your artwork.

Nobody stands around to read bundles of text, no matter how much time and effort you put into skilfully crafting it.

Ditch the blocks of text and use relevant images with minimal text.

Such options include:

  • Suspended ceiling display
  • A tall tower
  • An illuminated display
  • Vibrant colours
  • Or the bee’s knees, a tall tower or beacon with LED illumination and vibrant colours. Bam!

Use it as a shipping case to comfortably travel to and from an event with all your products, marketing brochures and your displays packed inside.

At the event it converts into a fully functional branded counter.

If exhibitions are not your primary business, then it is not possible to know what you need to know to excel. You will only be as average as most other exhibitors who are lucky to breakeven.

If you want your event to be highly successful, then you need to be smart about it.

Many companies at exhibitions turn up and expect results just because they turn up. Some are lucky enough to have some mediocre success… most don’t.

Know why you are there, understand your objectives and be fierce in your actions to attain them. You need to bank your results with meaningful profits.

Otherwise, why did you waste your time?

Artwork Specification Sheet